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 Mobile Car Wash & Interior Valeting


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Scrubberdubbers is a mobile car wash local to henley on thames providing a complete car cleaning service at an affordable price in a friendly and professional manner taking care of your vehicle,

from our basic wash to the all in we provide that little bit extra with every wash ,

we believe if you are going to wash your car even if its just a basic wash you still want it to look good after, that is why we use spotless water (De-ionized water)

why do we use de-ionized water

Using deionized water helps you address these issues. First, de-ionized water dries up faster than tap water. Second, since the minerals in water have been removed, no deposits are left behind. Third, its lack of ions makes it a magnet for contaminants like dust, dirt, acids from rain, bird droppings, etc. 2. Prevents swirls and scratches.

so why not finish off with a hydrophonic

wax sealant for that extra shine and protection

we will bring our own water, and

our own power supply via a generator, if for any reason you feel

that a generator could cause noise problems for surrounding

properties then we will need to ask for a power socket to plug in an extension lead.

you can always send us a pictures of the interior or exterior

and we can advise on the best course of

action (light scratches, staining, pet hair)

the prewash

the preliminary pre wash is an essential first step.

the plan is to remove as much dirt as possible before the contact wash.

a pre wash loosens any compacted dirt and grit that may otherwise damage the paintwork.

the process

TFR       safely remove traffic film, dirt and other harmful deposits with a concentrated pre wash

  remove bugs, bird lime and stubborn contamination

from all exterior surfaces of the vehicle.

Clean wheels          a ready to use non acidic wheel cleaner which aggressively destroy brake dust and contaminants.

contact wash   using the two bucket method   Hand ​shampooing a car with a microfibre wash mitt, which 

traps loose particles, will ensure the surface is thoroughly clean and ready for further treatment.


iron remover       airborne iron particle fallout is an unseen menace to car paintwork and alloy wheels,

which are assaulted by brake dust.

tar and glue remover   remove tar and glue from paint work


polish will make your cars paintwork look as good as new when applied properly

being very abrasive it will remove paint work swirls caused by

poor washing technique, remove key scratches around door handles and other

fine scratching. its the ideal preparation before the final waxing stage.

polish   remove surface imperfections such as light swirls and oxidation whilst leaving

a smooth glossy finish. 


Applying a wax will help achieve a high gloss and hydrophobic finish.

Tyre Dressing 

revitalise your tyres to provide a fresh finish and protect them from uv rays and cracking.